Anne Tan

Anne studied hotel catering & management got herself engaged in the travel and tour industry since 1988. She gained her inbound and outbound experience along the way and, is a licensed Malaysian tourist guide since 1994.

She explained “When I was young I always dreamt of having my own travel agency and I would take my parents to go holidaying both local and overseas. Being the youngest in the family I followed my mother everywhere listening to her friends telling many tantalizing stories of their adventures travelling locally and overseas. Well I finally managed to do that in 1991 and even took my parents to visit China in 1991 when they just opened their door to tourist.”

During her employment in the travel and tour industry in many leading travel and tour companies, she had her share of complains. The usual feedbacks are poor service, miserable food, poor lodging, poor and rushed arrangement of itinerary and too many shopping. With the many cut throat competition, that is what the industry provides in order to stay afloat.

From the many complains received there seems to indicate there are certain sector of the tourist who do not mind paying more for better food, lodging and have more leisure itinerary for their holiday. Most often than not they complain that they need a rest, a holiday after the holiday just taken.

“With the many bottled up ideas I decided to make the plunge in 2009 and my own dream travel and tour agency, Tour2u Holidays is born. “, says Anne

Tour2u focus in:

1. Individual designed exclusive tour
Itinerary are planned according to specific need of the group be it family excursion or special incentive tours for companies. Exclusive Cruise holidays were successfully organized.

2. Gourmet tours
Food is the Chinese past time, Tour2u organized exclusive gourmet tours with famous celebrity chef like Hugo Leong as chaperone for the whole excursion. Tour2u have also organized exclusive study group for chefs in collaboration with universities.

3. Special itinerary.
Study group for schools, churches, company appreciation, half or one day exclusive tours and many more.

Taking service as the priority, Tour2u concentrates on a niche market and decided to put emphasize on its strength, Chinese speaking, love for food, east Asia region, exclusive designed itinerary giving an authentic satisfying, relaxing money can buy, value holidays.

Tour2u is the ultimate holiday people.

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